Dr. Elisabeth Pieske-Kraigher, MD

Dr. Elisabeth Pieske-Kraigher is the medical director of the Imaging Clinical Trial Services GmbH. She has extensive expertise in the field of echocardiography including echo reading and overreading. She obtained her training as clinical sonographer at the Department of Cardiology, Medical University Graz, Austria, Harvard Medical School Boston, and Charité Berlin. She obtained in-depth additional training in 2012 and 2013 as Fellow at the Imaging Core Lab, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard, Boston, USA under supervision by Prof. Scott Solomon and Prof. Marc Pfeffer. At the ICL Harvard, she was responsible for overreading processes of images of ongoing clinical heart failure trials and certification of sonographers. She gained intensive experience in novel echocardiographic techniques including strain and strain rate, 3D speckle tracking and was responsible for training new team members. Since 2014, she has built the central Echo Imaging Core Lab at Charité University Medicine Berlin with successful international auditing. Dr. EPK, in her position as medical director of the ECL Berlin, has since been responsible for central reading, analysis and data quality control of a number of international clinical trials sponsored by Industry, European Commission, and German funding authorities. She is author of numerous peer reviewed articles (also published under her maid name Dr. Elisabeth Kraigher-Krainer).

Martin Kropf, MSc

Mr. Kropf is the technical director of the Imaging Clinical Trial Services GmbH. His research interest automated echo- and biosignal analysis using machine-learning/artificial intelligence. He is currently doing his PhD at the Institute for Neural Engineering, TU Graz. His daily business in the lab is to collaborate closely with the clinical researchers to provide guidance in technical issues, data management, statistical analysis and protocol development.

Robert K. Kowalski, MD

Dr. Kowalski has broad non-invasive cardiovascular imaging experience and has extensive expertise in research related toechocardiography, cardiac imaging studies and working on a number of completed and ongoing clinical trials.